Guidelines for Submitting Papers in A National Research Symposium on THE HEART OF EDUCATING INDIA

Submission Guidelines:

All manuscripts should be sent as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx). The first page of the manuscript should contain the Title, Authors (including title – Dr., Mr., Ms. etc) and Institutional Affiliation. The body of the paper should include the Title and an abstract of 300 words (maximum). The paper should be written in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, 1.5 spaced, 1.5 margin on all four sides and not exceeding 2000 words (7-8 pages including references). Referencing should follow the APA 6 Guidelines for both in-text citations and reference list. Footnotes are not to be used.

Paper Presentation:

Papers need to be practice based /model based (report of field based development initiatives and best practices).

Note: The selected papers will be published in the edited volume of the journal of the College (Sacred Heart Journal of Science & Humanities ISSN 2277 – 6613, peer reviewed) and in a book published in New Delhi. Authors who are interested in publishing their papers can contact the organizers

Guidelines for Presenting Papers in the Conference:

You will be given 10 minutes (only) for presentation and then 5 minutes for replying questions from audience. You can either read your paper or use PowerPoint Presentation.

If you are using PPTs it should be definitely less than 10 slides. If you are reading your paper, please choose only appropriate areas for reading which you will be able to cover in 10 minutes.

All Paper Presentation rooms are fitted with Desk Top Computers and LCDs. If you want to use them please send your PPTs by email by February, 2018. We don’t accept pen drives. We advise you to bring your own laptops.

The moderator will remind you when you have crossed 6 minutes so that you will have 4 more minutes to complete your presentation.
Kindly bring few copies of your full paper. You can give it to few paper presenters in your group. It will also help you if by chance you come across any technical problem.