THE HEART OF EDUCATING INDIA: Don Bosco System Of Education – In Dialogue With 21st Century Educators.

Sub Themes (For Paper & Poster Presentation)

  1. The strengths and challenges of Education in India
    1. The excellence of Indian Education – its strengths
    2. Problems and challenges of Education System in India
    3. The systemic failure of our education system
    4. Major challenges in Indian education
    5. Is education inclusive in India?
    6. The ends of Indian education: economic gains or life-long learning?
    7. The correlation between Social Transformation and Education in India
    8. (New themes can be suggested)
  1. Alternative Systems and Models of Education in India
    1. Successful Alternative systems of Education in India
    2. Skill-based education for life and work
    3. Towards holistic education
    4. Progressive Education in India
    5. Fostering a culture of identity in education
    6. Ensuring equity and inclusion in education
    7. The ‘must-haves’ of Indian Education Policy
    8. Strategies for rethinking Educative Methods
    9. Developing Curriculum framework for Indian education
    10. (New themes can be suggested)
  1. Revitalizing Don Bosco’s System of Education
    1. Philosophy of Don Bosco’s Educational System
    2. The Don Bosco’s system of Education: uniqueness and Relevance
    3. Pedagogy, spirituality and leadership: findings of an empirical research among Salesian Schools in India
    4. Contextualising Don Bosco’s System of Education in India
    5. The ethos of a Salesian School
    6. Keeping alive Don Bosco’s Educational Method
    7. Contemporary Systems of Education and Don Bosco’s system of Education: A comparative study
    8. Widening Don Bosco’s System of Education to contexts beyond the academic circles.
    9. (Other themes are welcome!)
  1. Viable solutions to improve the system of education in India
    1. What changes are needed in the Education System in India
    2. Education for an Enlightened Society
    3. Introducing Innovation and Creativity in our Education System
    4. Why skill based education is indispensable?
    5. Tech-Leap in our Rural Schools
    6. Possible systemic changes in our Education System
    7. Professional development of Teachers: some methods
    8. Digital proliferation in Indian education
    9. Assessment to measure performance in education
    10. Monitoring and coordinating education development

Who can Participate?

  • Educators, Research Scholars in Education, Salesians of Don Bosco and members of the Salesian family
  • Academicians and Researchers in the field of Pedagogy, Don Bosco’s System of Education, and students in B.Ed. colleges
  • Practitioners of Don Bosco’s system of Education, Principals and Teachers

Submission Guidelines
All manuscripts should be sent as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx). The first page of the manuscript should contain the Title, Authors (including title – Dr., Mr., Ms. etc) and Institutional Affiliation. The body of the paper should include the Title and an abstract of 300 words (maximum). The paper should be written in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, 1.5 spaced, 1.5 margin on all four sides and not exceeding 2000 words (7-8 pages including references). Referencing should follow the APA 6 Guidelines for both in-text citations and reference list. Footnotes are not to be used.

Key Dates for submission of Papers

Submission of Abstracts

30th November 2017
(maximum 300 words along with name, designation and address of the institution via email (

Notification of Abstract acceptance

14th December 2017

Submission of Full Paper

10th January 2018

All papers to be presented in the Symposium must be submitted by 10th January 2018. Paper presentation will take place simultaneously where each Speaker will be given 15 minutes for presenting the paper by power point. Those who are interested in publishing their paper can do so in the edited volume of the journal of the College (Sacred Heart Journal of Science & Humanities ISSN 2277 – 6613, peer reviewed) and in a book published in New Delhi.

Registration Fee

Conference Registration Fee Rs. 200/-
Teachers and Students Fee Rs. 100/-
Paper Presenters Rs. 400/-
(Excluding Registration Fee)
Registration Fee includes Conference kit, Lunch, Refreshment and Certificate.

Conference Conveners

Dr. Maria Charles, SDB
Director, Don Bosco Youth Animation, South Asia
Don Bosco House, SPCI
C-991, New Palam Extension, Sector 7,
Dwarka, New Delhi – 110077
Mobile: +91 996874 7667, 9791888208

Fr. Antonyraj SDB
Secretary Sacred Heart College (Autonomous),
Tirupattur, Vellore Dist.
Tamil Nadu, India,
Ph: +91 99444 02956;